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The artwork that you will find of Kyle’s consists mostly of North American wildlife.  The best part of all of this to Kyle, besides making new discoveries with oil paint, is getting out and observing the wildlife firsthand.  And with the Ungulates, it is during their rutting periods that it can become

very interesting.  They each have their

own little differences, but ultimately

their social interactions and activity

levels increase.  These occurrences can

make for some fun story telling within

the painting, which is a key to a

successful piece.

     Kyle’s art background goes as far

back as he can remember.  One memory

he has of himself, is when he was five

and observing a television program

discussing dinosaurs.  He can remember

having an urge of excitement to recreate on paper what he was seeing.  This urge was not taught.  It was just there.  It is this same urge that occupies Kyle’s mind today and is the driving force behind it all.


Welcome to the official website of the artist, Kyle Sims.

Inside you will find new works that may be available for purchase as well as a few, select limited edition giclee prints.  We are pleased to present an online gallery that includes images of original paintings that are already in private collections as well as some examples of Kyle's field studies.  As you scroll across the menu , you will find a list of museum and gallery shows that Kyle participates in.  Towards the middle of the menu is an area that will enable you to get to know Kyle a little bit better.  Also, please check in periodically as the "in the news" section will be updated every so often with anything appropriate.

Every year, Kyle’s tastes with painting and art continue to evolve and they will do so for the rest of his life.  It’s a part of who he is and his obsession with improving.  If you’re not going forwards, then you’re going backwards, right?  We invite you to join Kyle on this journey and make some discoveries of your own.  Kyle’s work can be found at Trailside Galleries in Jackson, Wyoming and Scottsdale, Arizona.  A few, select paintings have been chosen for publication by Somerset Fine Art.