"A Day in the Slough"

36x56  Oil  $24,000.00

Available through Trailside Galleries

Jackson, Wyoming


Original Bison in Yellowstone Painting

 "For reasons that evolution can only explain, the Bison have evolved in a way that encourages them to procreate during the hottest part of the year.  The reasons for this are tied to birth timings and enabling the calves to have their best chance for survival, but they are a very dark colored animal and as facts stand, if you wear dark colored attire outside during the summer, you're likely to experience the heat in a greater way than someone with light colored attire.  So, I imagine these giants must get very hot during their most active time of the year and they must enjoy the cool streams of summer a great deal.  This particular stream is the Slough Creek of Yellowstone National Park.  It is a great place to find bison year-round."



All images copyright Kyle Sims