"A Meeting of Heavyweights"

54x80  Oil  $45,000.00

Available through Trailside Galleries

Jackson, Wyoming


Original Rocky Mountain Elk Painting

 "I've witnessed a situation such as this several times, with one meeting resulting in a fairly substantial fight.  But I certainly was never this close.  This is part of the fun of being an artist.  If I want to have it just so, then that's the way it goes!  I want the viewer to feel like they are there with these mammals and hopefully, feel the same excitement, nervousness, and feelings of anticipation that I feel when I am outside with these ungulates.  

On another note, I spent a great deal of time with these two particular elk.  They never (as far as I know) met up like this, but the one in the foreground was nicknamed Brutus due to his temperament.  The other bull was named number ten, due to the #10 on his tag in his ear (don't look for it in the painting, it's not there).  I was able to observe #10 for several years along with his crosstown rival bull number 6, who was infamous for chasing people and hitting cars in Mammoth Hot Springs of Yellowstone National Park."



All images copyright Kyle Sims