"A View into Warbonnet"

24x34  Oil  $8,000.00

Available through

Trailside Galleries

Jackson, Wyoming


Mountain Lake original painting

"Some paintings come about with not a lot of struggle and some, well, make me feel like I haven't been painting for over 20 years.  This piece was one of the latter.  But after some toil and thought, I realized that the problem with this piece was that I had two focal points, or in other words, I was trying to express two ideas within the confounds of one painting.  I had the mountain top of Warbonnet Peak for a focal point, but I also had the pond for interest that my brother had fished at while on a family trip into the Windrivers of Wyoming.  I knew that the mountain had to win out, so I placed a small sub-alpine fir in front of the pond, eliminating the pond's dominance within the foreground.  This relieved my problem and also created a secondary interest that invites the viewer in and makes one wonder what might be around the corner."

All images copyright Kyle Sims