"Breaking of Dawn"

32x16  Oil  $6,000.00

Available through

Trailside Galleries

Jackson, Wyoming


"Of all the species that I paint, the feline most closely takes on the same lines of a beautiful woman.  There are many curves to those lines and they radiate elegance.  It was my hope that this piece exudes some of those same feelings as the paintings of the nude female might.  The biggest challenge with this piece was the limited palette and limited landscape.  I tried to relieve that by creating a subtle interest in the rock with warms and cools, and with lines in the rock that try to force your eye up towards the cougar.  I am also hoping that the cougar is visually strong enough to support this lack of landscape.  It is almost a vignette without being one." 

Mountain Lion Cougar original painting

All images copyright Kyle Sims