"Descending into Evening"

50x32    Oil     $20,000.00

Sold by fixed-priced draw during the 2019 Prix De West

National Cowboy Museum

Oklahoma City, OK

June 8, 2019.

Please follow this link HERE for purchasing information or contact

Trent Riley at (405) 478-2250 ext. 251 or by email at Triley@nationalcowboymuseum.org if you have questions.

Descending into Evening 50x32 Oil 2019.j

     “The inspiration for this painting came from the excitement I had with creating that feeling of coming up and over a ridge.  It adds an element of drama to this idea and a strong feeling of movement, based up where I placed the elk and toying with the lighting.  The sun just barely kisses the cows as they descend down the ridge in the midst of the cool evening air.

All images copyright Kyle Sims