"Gallatin Valley Heights"

28x38  Oil  SOLD

Sold by fixed-priced draw during the 2018 Prix De West

National  Cowboy Museum

Oklahoma City, OK

June 9, 2018.

Please follow this link HERE for purchasing information or contact

Trent Riley at (405) 478-2250 ext. 251 or by email at Triley@nationalcowboymuseum.org if you have questions.

Original MontanLandscape painting

“My wife and I went for a hike just north of our property right around the time of her birthday.  It is usually getting pretty hot that time of year and so, when we have some nice cool-aired systems come through, we like to get outside and breath the wonderful, moisture-ladened air in.  During that day, there was a significant storm system that came through and made for a dramatic view as we looked out across the valley we call home.”

All images copyright Kyle Sims