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"Willow Run"

18x38  Oil  $9,500.00 

Available through

Trailside Galleries

Jackson, WY 


Original Wolf Painting

“The inspiration for this piece has a lot to do with the color harmony as well as the lines of the wolves themselves and the line they create together.  The wolves’ earth tone coats juxtaposed with the wine, magenta, and orange-like coloration of the willow branches is a very pleasing display for me and you can probably find a lot of those same colors in our own home.  The biggest challenge with this piece came when I had to decide to lose two wolves and crop the painting down considerably in size.  The other two wolves were going off of the edges of the painting, cutting their heads off essentially.  While I felt like the shapes of those wolves completed the composition, I had to come to the realization that they also create an uncomfortable feeling for the viewer.  So, since those other two wolves’ roles were included for the purpose of a darker shape, I decided to use the willow instead once I had cropped the image down and this is what you now have.”


All images copyright Kyle Sims

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