Gallery Showcase

Trailside Galleries

This select group of work is available through Trailside Galleries and is a part of my first major showing there since 2015.  They can be reached at 1-307-733-3186.  Please click on an image for more information regarding that piece.

River Dive 26x44 Oil 2020 $15,000.00.jpg
Snowcat 27x44 Oil 2020 $16,000.00.jpg
Collosal Encounter 80x50 Oil 2020 $50,00
The Gathering 22x40 Oil 2020 $12,000.00.
Headwaters Crossing 32x26 Oil 2020 $10,0
In a Land of Towers 24x46 Oil 2020 $15,0
Verdant Valley 28x42 Oil 2020 $15,500.00
Big Sky Bison 40x60 Oil.jpg
Yellowstone Celebrity 33x40 Oil 2020 $17
Tuned In 18x16 Oil 2020 $5,000.00.jpg
Steamy Morning 34x48 Oil 2020 $22,000.00
Sending a Message 15x20 Oil 2020 $5,000.


Open Spaces 24x36 Oil 2020 $12,
Back in the Deep Timber 28x34 Oil 2020 $
October Meadow 26x56 Oil 2020 $18,500.00

All images copyright Kyle Sims