"Lazy Boy"

20x26  Oil  $8,500.00

Available through

The Sportsman's Gallery, Ltd.

& Paderewski Fine Art

Beavercreek, CO  


Original grizzly bear painting

“After scouring through some really old reference material, I came across this shot of a grizzly that I had obviously intended for a painting years ago, but never got around to it.  It’s funny how that can happen.  There are so many ideas that I’ll never get to as life really is too short.  But this one finally made it to canvas and was an enjoyable one to compose.  The shot of the grizzly was from a zoo sort of setting and when I tried to imagine where I would like to place that bear, my first thought was in the middle of a stream with rushing water.  But that felt too staged once I started drawing things in.  So, I went more intimate with the idea and settled on an interior forest and aspen grove to compliment the almost whimsical nature of this bear.”

All images copyright Kyle Sims