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Limited and Open Editions
Giclee on canvas and paper
Released April of 2011

Huckleberry Heaven - from $65

  • "My wife, Joylene, and I went on a short backpacking trip this past fall into the Spanish Peaks area of Montana, which is a part of the Lee-Metcalf Wilderness system. Besides the jaw-dropping mountain scenery, what I took home from the journey was an amazement with how loaded the area was with huckleberry plants, as well as Thimbleberry and Whortleberry plants. We certainly enjoyed gorging ourselves on the natural candy and couldn't help but imagine that it would make for one contented bear as well. Just in case you're wondering, we did see indications that there were bears in the area, but never did see an actual bear, much to the relief of Joylene and I have to admit myself as well."
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