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Limited Editions
Giclee on Canvas
Released September of 2007

The Melodramatics of September - from $795

  • "The drama of the elk in rut during the early parts of autumn will never bore me. Every year, we venture out to catch glimpses of it, which bring new ideas and excitement. In this painting, I enjoyed depicting the elk in a bit of a processional role, with the bull as the focal point and acting as if he is in command. Reallly, all that he does is to try to keep the herd together and round-up any strays to prevent losing them to another bull in hopes of spreading his genes to as many calves as possible. It's a stong instinct and all he can keep his mind on for that brief time out of the year, and I, as an artist, am thankful for this. I look forward to that outing all year long."
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