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Limited and Open Editions
Giclee on canvas and paper
Released July of 2010

When the Dance Ends - from $95

  • "Many that have been out observing bison during their summer rutting period may get a chance to witness first-hand, the beauty and power of a bull bison fight. They can sometimes last for several minutes or being over in seconds. But either way, they are very, very exciting to observe. Even the younger bulls like to join the peanut gallery and you will often find them bouncing around at the edge of the fight, almost joining in. Sometimes a bull, while focused on an opposing bull, will lose sight of his complete surroundings and may get surprised by a third bull who has taken advantage of that situation. While I haven't seen a bull actually get up-ended as I've depicted here, I've seen it almost happen three times. I can imagine that if all the stars align just right, it is by all means possible and has happened plenty of times before."
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