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"Snow Drifter"

18x30  Oil  $8,000.00

Available through

Couer d'Alene Galleries

Couer d'Alene, Idaho


Original Lynx in Snow Painting

"For my own tastes, the lynx and snow is akin to bears and water.  They simply go together.  The large pads with their feet help to suspend them up on the snow much like our own snow shoes would do.  This is vital for their survival and they have adapted to meet the needs for this in a northern climate.  They also will grow a dense coat of fur for those winter months that will easily see daily highs that don’t reach positive numbers.  Compositionally speaking, it was fun to enhance the feeling of movement by placing the back foot of the lynx just off the painting and also where I placed the dead weeds."

All images copyright Kyle Sims

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