"The Escape Artist"

25x45  Oil  $15,000.00

Available through

Broadmoor Galleries

Colorado Springs, CO


Mountain Lion Cougar original painting

 “Most of the stories you will hear about someone's rare siting of a cougar usually involve the description of seeing the gaze of their eyes and not much else before they vanish. Sometimes they might describe how extremely long their tails are.  My one and only experience is much of the same.  They are so keenly aware of their surroundings and their survival has depended upon that.

On another note, this marks the first time that I have attempted a triptych.  I was trying to generate an idea for this particular cougar, but my normal methods just weren't working.  I think the idea is actually too simple for that and it needed the lines of the triptych.  The frame becomes a part of the composition"


All images copyright Kyle Sims